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SA gas reserves to drive transport industry: PIRSA

According to Mr Goldstein South Australia has particularly vast coal and gas resources that present the next wave of development opportunities in the form of shale gas, coal seam gas (CSG), underground coal gasification (UCG) and tight gas.

“Because we have the technology to convert gas into petroleum liquids, there will be no such thing as peak transport fuel,”? Mr Goldstein said.

Mr Goldstein outlined dozens of new opportunities that have recently emerged for shale and tight gas production in the Cooper Basin – the source of Australia’s largest onshore oil and gas production – as well as prospective new oil and gas, including CSG exploration, in the relatively unexplored Officer, Arckaringa and Eromanga basins, and emerging petroleum plays in the offshore Bight and Otway basins.

“As well as more than $100 million of new exploration in blocks soon to be granted in the Cooper Basin, there are some very exciting new exploration ventures involving Indonesian, Canadian and Indian investors in the Officer basins in the far west of the state,”? Mr Goldstein said.

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