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Santos highlights advantages of Narrabri gas project

Santos chief executive officer Kevin Gallagher has reinforced how he has helped restructure the company and implemented a strategy that focuses on core natural gas assets in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste.

These assets include the Narrabri gas project, which is part of a strategy to bring stronger balance sheets, improved production and financial performance to position the company to pursue developments like this.

“The Narrabri gas project is an important investment that would bring energy security, jobs and economic benefits to the region and to New South Wales,” Gallagher, in his speech to the New South Wales Independent Planning Commission (IPC), said.

“I am also leading and driving the ambition within Santos to decarbonise energy at its source.”

Following extensive scientific investigations undertaken by Santos, the Narrabri gas project can be developed safely and sustainably without harm to water resources or the environment.

“Extracting natural gas from coal seams is a clever, low-impact way of producing clean energy from coal with a very small environmental footprint on the land, as you will have seen on your recent field trip,” Gallagher said.

“This clever technology means the natural gas is able to be extracted without taking the coal out of the ground.”

Santos has advised the Department of Planning that, if the project is approved, the company will accept and implement the conditions proposed in the assessment report to provide confidence to regulators and the community that there will be no harm to water resources or the environment.

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