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Shell makes significant gas discovery offshore WA

Shell Australia has revealed a significant gas and condensate discovery offshore Western Australia’s north west coast in the Browse Basin.

The company’s drilling of the Bratwurst -1 exploration well, within title AC/P64 (100 per cent Shell equity, operated), was safely and successfully concluded on December 4 last year after a 78-day campaign.

Shell’s campaign was completed in just over 18 months from bidding and 12 months from award of the AC/P64 title.

This discovery, announced last month, is 160km north east of the Shell-operated Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility and presents an opportunity for a future tie-back to Prelude.

The FLNG facility is designed to extract, liquefy and store natural gas at sea, before it is transferred and shipped to customers.

Prelude is 488m long and 74m wide and has been designed to remain moored in the field for at least 25 years.

“Gas is a core component of our strategy to provide more and cleaner energy solutions,” Shell Australia executive vice president Zoe Yujnovich said.

“The announcement shows how, through exploration, we are building a strong pipeline of discoveries to support our assets in Western Australia.”