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Sole key to Cooper production high

Cooper Energy

Cooper Energy has put its new oil and gas production record down to higher gas production from Sole following reconfiguration of the Orbost gas processing plant (OGPP) during the prior quarter.

Outlined in the company’s March quarterly report, production increased by 46 per cent to 0.77 MMboe compared to the prior quarter.  

Sales gas production of 4.5 petajoules (PJ) was 50 per cent higher than the prior quarter and oil and condensate production of 38.3 kkbl was 6 per cent lower than the prior quarter.

Sole gas production of 3.7 PJ was 97 per cent higher than the prior quarter due to improving performance of OGPP following reconfiguration works undertaken in the second quarter if the 2021 financial year.

It is anticipated that the near-term production level from OGPP will be 45 TJ/day with six-weekly cleans for each absorber.

The individual absorber cleans are staggered every three weeks with production planned to reduce to 30 TJ/day during each three-day cleaning period.

Further outlined in the report, the Sole gas field continues to perform without interruption and in line with expectations.

Production at the Casino Henry project was recorded to be 7 per cent lower than the prior quarter due to well maintenance and associated well cycling activities.

In addition, oil production of 37.8 bbl was 6 per cent lower in the Cooper Basin as a result of natural field decline.

Managing director David Maxwell said Cooper Energy reset its baseline performance during the quarter, delivering record quarterly production, sales volume and revenue.

“Improved performance from the reconfigured OGPP underpinned our record results. Daily Orbost processing rated reached 45 TJ/day and stability improved, albeit with periodic absorber cleaned still required,” he said.

“Commencement of the Sole gas sales agreements in December 202 and January 2021 was a major milestone which contribute to record quarterly performance. Cooper Energy continues to execute its gas development strategy in a disciplined manner.”