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South Erregulla returns promising results

Strike Energy's South Erregulla-1

Strike Energy has drilled the intermediate section of the South Erregulla well to a depth of 4421 m in the lower Carynginia formation, just above the targeted depth. 

According to the company, hydrocarbons were observed throughout, with the well displaying strong similarities to the West Erregulla gas field. 

Wagina sandstone was encountered at the measured depth, made up of thick, clean sands units with elevated mud gas readings recorded throughout. 

Live logging while drilling (LWD) data suggests a conventional, gas charged reservoir similar in nature to the Beharra Springs gas field. 

Strike is gathering pressure and samples via a wireline campaign before finalising petrophysical analysis in order to access the significance of the results. 

A potential carbon storage reservoir was also discovered in the Jurassic sandstone with 103 m of net reservoir at an average porosity of 19 per cent. 

This non-hydrocarbon bearing reservoir has many of the characteristics of a suitable location for storing captured carbon. 

Moving forward, Strike will finish drilling the section and run advanced wireline tools to measure reservoir pressure from the Wagina sandstone. 

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