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State Gas prioritises Aldinga, Rougemont pipeline

State Gas project

In light of the record increase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices, State Gas has identified that pipelines through both Aldinga and Rougemont to the main Queensland gas trunk are the preferred export routes to maintain quick and cost-effective distribution of gas in Queensland.

After performing a comprehensive review of its assets in Central Queensland, State Gas has announced it will implement a strategic plan to bring more gas to the east cost domestic market to help mitigate the forecasted shortfalls.

The Queensland-based developer will prioritise the development of conventional gas around Aldinga, with a pipeline that traverses the Rougemont field to the Rolleston compressor station.

This development plan will be key in ensuring that State Gas can continue to freely sell its products into the domestic market and meet deliverability requirements.

The Nyanda area, which lies south of Aldinga, will be developed in a subsequent phase, and field surveys will commence in June 2022.

In the Rougemont gas area, data has indicated that horizontal drilling will hasten production rates. Therefore, State Gas also plans to drill a horizontal well into the two thickest seams that will intersect the existing Rougemont 2 vertical well.

Subsequent production testing of the proposed horizontal well at Rougemont will determine whether the company applies for a pipeline licence to accelerate gas sales.

For more information visit the State Gas website.