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State Gas progresses Qld gas projects 

rig at State Gas site

State Gas  has announced new phases of production activities, aiming to bring new gas supplies to the market to “meet impending shortfalls in the east coast market”.

The energy stock has now completed preliminary works at the Nyanda-8 well, including the removal of the downhole equipment.

The company reported that the rig has moved to the Serocold-1 well to remove the downhole equipment from that well, which is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

Removal of the equipment enables the production enhancement works to proceed at each well.

Following the completion of the preliminary works at the Serocold-1 well the rig will be moved to Rolleston-West to complete the Rougemont-2 well for production.

The second stage of baseline environmental surveys of Reid’s Dome is also progressing this week. This work is virtual data that will inform the environmental authority for Reid’s Dome field development.

The company’s sole ownership of the Reid’s Dome and Rolleston-West projects enables integration of activities and a unified super-gasfield development, providing economies of scale, efficient operations and optionality in marketing.

Reid’s Dome is on the apex of the Springsure-Serocold Anticline, while Rolleston-West, wrapped around the northern part of Reid’s Dome, contains extensive areas of highly prospective Bandanna Coals, as well as promising conventional targets.

The projects, together some 1595 km2, are strategically located in easy reach of infrastructure, with the Queensland Gas Pipeline less than 30 km from the eastern arm of Rolleston-West.

State Gas,  Queensland-based gas exploration and development company focussing on the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, will continue to provide updates as activities progress.

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