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State Gas, Rockminsolutions join forces on carbon management

basalt rock formation

State Gas and mineral exploration company Rockminsolutions will spearhead a new carbon management project in central Queensland.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding in 2021, the two companies have now agreed to a joint venture, under which they will investigate the potential for carbon mineralisation in the Buckland Basaltic Sequence.

The Buckland Basaltic Sequence is located within EPM 27596, and covers an extensive area of tertiary-aged volcanic ash deposits. These deposits are up to 330 metres thick, and seem to have a high degree of permeability and porosity.

These characteristics indicate that the minerals within the basalt rocks would react rapidly with carbon dioxide to form calcium and magnesium carbonate. This would essentially immobilise the harmful greenhouse gas and render it into a safer, stabler form.

Together, State Gas and Rockminsolutions will test the extent to which this basalt rock can be used for mineral carbonation processes, while also investigating its potential to make low-carbon cements.

Should this potential be proven, this represent a significant step forward for Queensland’s decarbonisation goals. There would be options to develop the area for hydrogen manufacture, direct air capture, or a commercial carbon management hub.

The joint venture will begin its investigatory works this year. This will involve drilling two chipholes into the basalt rock formation to obtain samples for ex-situ laboratory analysis.

Richard Cottee, the executive chairman at State Gas, said he was pleased with the decision to embark upon this initiative. “While State Gas remains focussed on the development of Reid’s Dome and Rolleston-West Gas projects, the carbon mineralisation approach has the potential to be a game-changer in carbon management,” he said.

“Carbon management is an increasingly pressing need as we move towards a net zero world, and I am very pleased State Gas is playing its part.”

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