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State Gas spuds second Rolleston-West well

rig at State Gas site

State Gas has spudded the Rougemont-2 well, part of its new Rolleston-West gas project in Central Queensland.

Following the successful drilling of Rougemont-1, State Gas has started drilling the second well, located 3.7km ti the northeast of the first well.

Rougemont-2 was spudded at 8.40am on Saturday, reaching 75m as of today.

Last Sunday  at 12pm the company hit total depth of the Rougemont-1 well, with the core samples being taken from the well with 100 per cent recovery.

In addition, The Rougemont-2 well is targeting the highly prospective gas-bearing Bandanna Formation coal measures on the eastern flank of the south-plunging Consuelo Anticline.

The coals in this location are expected to commence up to 100m shallower than Rougemont-1 and will provide information about the coal seam gas potential at a range of depths within the project area.

The company advised that the Bandanna Formation has been highly productive as this range of depths in the analogue fields of Arcadia Valley and Mahalo.

State Gas will determine the thickness and gas content of the coal in the well through sampling the coals and wireline logs. Permeability testings will also be undertaken.

The company is confident that these initial tests should confirm information about the potential of the ATP 2062 area and informs preparations for production testing in the future.

Following the tests, the well will be suspended until production testing is commenced.