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State Gas well starts production test

State Gas well starts production test

State Gas’ Serocold-1 well has started its third production test in central Queensland as part of the Reid’s Dome Project.

The company aims to confirm the commerciality of delivering new gas supplies into the east coast market through the project.

State Gas also finished the Serocold-1 well sleeving to improve the wells production performances and turned on the well’s pumps.

Recently, the company also announced the commencement of production testing for the Rougemont-2 well, as well as the drilling of Rougemont-1.

State Gas’ executive chairman Richard Cottee said he was delighted about the news.

“I am pleased that we have successfully completed the rig activities on all three wells and have moved into the production phase,” Cottee said.

Cottee said the project had faced some difficulties.

“The recent rains have presented challenges, but the team has worked well to juggle the schedule and minimise delays,” he said.

“Remote control of the production means we are now much less vulnerable to whatever La Nina throws at us.”

The positive results of the project excited Cottee, he added.

“The Reid’s Dome gas contents are high – an average of 13.75 m³/tonne at Nyanda-4³, so I am looking forward to seeing the results these new production tests,” he said.

As the project progresses, State Gas will offer updates.

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