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Strike boosts confidence in West Erregulla development

Warrego Energy WE3

Strike Energy has reached the final well depth for the West Erregulla 4 well (WE4), with results of the well materially de-risking phase one of the Western Australian gas development.

The company, on behalf of the joint venture, reported that it drilled through a materially thickened Kingia Sanstone, the Bit Basher Shale and the High Cliff Sandstone to a final depth pf 5069m measured depth in the Holmwood Shale.

Strike revealed that the Kingia formation was encouraged at 4827m, 19m higher than prognoses with gas on rock showing throughout the entire sandstone of 155m.

Gas was also observed throughout the entire reservoir sections with no gas water contact seen.

The company reported that the reservoir pressure in the Kingia was recorded at 6821 psi at 4898m, which lie on the same gas gradient as the results of the WE2 well.

As a result, gas down to has now been extended deeper by a further 61m in line with Strike’s pre-drill expectations.

“The High Cliff sandstone appears to be thinner than seen in WE2, however, this is more than offset by the thickening and improved average quality of the Kingia Sanstones,” the company said.

Strike further highlighted that the combination of measured gas at high pressure and excellent reservoir characteristics in the Kingia support the potential for high flow rater when production tested.

In addition, the company will now finish the wireline logs to procure fluid samples and additional pressures across other formations.

Once complete, Strike will then condition the hole in preparation for running the final production casing string which will be cemented in place and then completed for the upcoming flow test across the Kingia Sandstone.

The well will then be kept on inventory for the phase one development as a future producer.