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Strike collaborates with hydrogen companies for Project Haber


Strike Energy is looking to establish itself as a domestic leader in hydrogen market development as it works to integrate green hydrogen at Project Haber, initially via its own dedicated on-site 10MW electrolyser.

Once operational, Strike will produce 1825 tpa of green hydrogen, or around 2 per cent of total hydrogen feedstock of the plant.

These hydrogen supplies combined with Strike’s lower carbon natural gas from the Greater Erregulla region will produce what is projected to be some of the lowest carbon urea fertiliser available in the market.

Over time, the company will look to increase the green hydrogen feedstock of the plant with other sources of green hydrogen from developers and suppliers in the mid-west region.

In addition, Strike has entered into a separate non-binding memorandum of understand (MOU) with ATCO and Infinite Blue Energy (IBE) for collaboration of mid-west infrastructure and green hydrogen offtake.

These agreement will facilitate alignment between the parties on the key infrastructure priorities for the mid-west region and to petition for their development with the WA Government.

The development of these key pieces of infrastructure also has the potential to improve the scale and speed of other project in the region as the WA hydrogen economy looks to grow.

CEO and managing director Stuart Nicholls said Project Haber continues to progress as the economics, carbon and collective benefits combine to make a compelling and beneficial investment for Strike, WA and Australia’s agricultural and farming communities.

“Progression of these MOUs with two of the key green hydrogen developers in the mid-west is a great step in accelerating the WA hydrogen economy,” he said.

“Incorporating green hydrogen in Project Haber’s urea production process will enable Strike to produce some of the lowest carbon urea possible and potentially create one of Australia’s largest carbon sinks, moving Strike into carbon negative territory.”

The MOUs Strike has entered into with ATCO and IBE indicate an intention for Strike to purchase some of the hydrogen produced from their mid-west green hydrogen project, for use in Project Haber.

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