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Strike completes intermediate hole section at WE5

West Erregulla

Strike Energy has completed drilling the 2050m long intermediate section of the West Erregulla 5 (WE5) well down to 3635m and declared section depth within the Kockatea Shale, part of the West Erregulla appraisal campaign, Western Australia.

Subsequently casing has been run in hole and cemented in place and successfully pressure tested.

This has been achieved in less than 17 days which is indicative of the step change that Strike expected to see at this point in the campaign.

At West Erregulla (WE4) well, the company advised that the additional flow testing and de-sanding equipment has been identified where procurement processes are underway.

Strike expects to recommence the WE4 clean-up and subsequent flow test in early June which will align with back-to-back operations allowing the seamless transition to WE5 post its completion.

The company’s forward plan will see it running in with an 8.5-inch drilling assembly where it will commence drilling the final production section of the hole down to the primary targets for WE5.

The West Erregulla project is a 50:50 joint venture with Warrego Energy and includes the drilling of three wells in the EP469 permit.

After various coring and logging operations, Strike plans to flow test the wells as they will be future producers across the Kingia/High Cliff sequences for the proposed phase one production.