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Strike confirms high productivity at WE4

Warrego Energy WE3

Strike Energy has completed production testing at the West Erregulla 4 well (WE4) in Western Australia.

A series of flow tests were performed at various choke settings to enable characterisation of the well deliverability parameters, with the company confirming high productivity of the Kingia Sandstone.

The primary flow period was conducted over a 46-hour period at a rate of 35 mmscfd through a 76/64-inch choke, with 1770 psi flowing tube head pressure.

Flow rates and pressures were stable throughout the extended flow period with no evidence of depletion from the test.

Gas sample analysis has indicated WE4 has a similar gas composition to the WE2 well, with WE4 also producing a small amount of regionally anomalous low salinity water whilst on test.

This water declined from 50-37 barrels/mmscf during the main flow test period and was continuing to decline prior to the shut in of the well.

Based on detailed probability analysis of all regional and West Erregulla field data to hand, Strike has advised that it is interpreted that water is being produced from a localised perched water lens at the base of the porous section of the Kingia.

The company expects to be in a position to confirm this on flow testing of the WE5 well, which is planned to commence later in July.

The production testing at WE4 demonstrates similar productivity characteristics consistent with the regional Permian gas fairway wells from Waitsia and Beharra and supports the progression of the phase one development.

The WE4 well will now be shut in to observe long-term pressure build up, with it being suspended and placed on inventory for the proposed phase one 87 terajoules a day development of the West Erregulla gas field.