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Strike Energy confirms Walyering-6 positive results

Walyering-5 gas presence

Strike Energy has announced that testing at the Walyering-6 well, at the Walyering gas field in the Perth Basin, has shown strong performance.

Strike individually tested the Cadda Formation and conducted a commingled flow with a production logging tool (PLT) which included the Cattamarra B, C and D sands.

The Cadda gas discovery was perforated between 2683 m and 2689 m measured depth. It performed well, reaching a maximum record rate of 35 million standard cubic feet (mmscf). Stabilised rates were maintained for a 12 hour period, with flowing well head pressures sitting around 1,900 psi through a 56/64 inch choke.

Few impurities were found during the testing, with condensate gas ratios of about 10 barrels per mmscf.

Commingled PLT flow was conducted at a rate of 18 mmscf per day on a 48/64 inch choke with flowing well head pressure of 1,600 psi.

The recovered PLT data it showed positive contributions from the C sands at 3392 m, and D sands at 3464 m. Both of these will now being including in the development planning for the Walyering gas field. The B sands were found to also produce water and deemed not suitable.

Walyering-6 will now be prepared for its final production completion, run with Walyering-5 well prior to commissioning further down the line.

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