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Strike increases West Erregulla drilling depth

West Erregulla

Strike Energy has started drilling operations of the West Erregulla 3 well in Western Australia and reached a measured depth of 4024 metres.

The company reported it has also completed the wireline logging operations in the second intermediate hole section across the Jurassic and Triassic formations and cased and cemented the 9-5/8-inch casing in place.

The wireline logs across the Jurassic and Triassic sequences revealed several conventional quality sands with good porosity development evidence of historical hydrocarbon migration.

However, Strike indicated that the formations were measured with only residual amounts of retained oil and gas.

During the drilling of the final section of the well, consistent hydrocarbons shows wee observed through the Dongara and upper Wagina sandstones.

In addition, the company has pulled the drill string to surface to change out the drill bit and add the logging while drilling tools onto the bottom hole assembly.

Strike is running back in hole and the well is set to encounter basal Wagina and then the primary Permian objectives – the Kingia and High Cliff sandstones.

Earlier this month, the company advised that the section depth was was nominally planned for 3750m, however, an expected fault was encountered higher than predicted.

As a result of this fault, it cut out a series of sequences covering the Woodada and upper Kockatea formations, which allowed Strike to preclude a bit change and locate the casing point in the lower Kockatea as planned.

West Erregulla’s appraisal campaign includes the drilling of three wells in the EP469 permit.

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