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Strike mobilises SE-1 testing package

Strike Energy's South Erregulla-1

Strike Energy has mobilised the texting package to the South Erregulla-1 (SE-1) well site and has commenced rig up. Following this, Strike intends to perforate the 14 m of gas charged Kingia sandstone before commencing clean-up flows.

In the Kingia sandstone, high-quality gas saturations are present up dip of the West Erregulla gas field. Logging, whole coring and petrophysical evaluation have confirmed porosities of up to 20.2 per cent. Additionally, a blocky net pay of 14 m in a gross 52 m gas column was also confirmed.

Likewise, the secondary gas discovery in the Wagina sandstone is made up of two net pay zones. The first is a 16 m section of high-quality flows units with average porosities of nine per cent. The second is a 61 m lower permeability gasifier section with an average porosity of six per cent.

Subsequently, running down of hole gauges and longer flow periods will occur as part of a proposed 18 day testing program. Designed to gather additional pressure and build-up date, the test will foster a robust understanding of the reservoir performance and any connected resources.

During the drilling of SE-1, whole core was cut across the Kingia Sandstone reservoir interval. Additionally, core plugs underwent processing and routine core analysis testing in the laboratory. Permeability measurements taken throughout the core show an exceptional level of quality.

In particular, measured permeabilities are up to 604mD under confining pressure conditions simulated to match the in-situ reservoir pressures of 6800 pounds per square inch absolute (PSIA).

South Erregulla is situated as part of the Permian Gas Fairway within the North Perth Basin where the Wagina and Kingia sandstone gas discoveries are also located.

Strike Energy’s South Erregulla testing should be well underway by the beginning of June 2022.