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Strike successfully cores SE1

Strike Energy's South Erregulla-1

Since Strike Energy’s last update, the company has successfully cored a 45 m interval from 4859 m measured depth on the South Erregulla 1 (SE1) well and has retrieved the core to the surface. 

Strike said that “steady coring conditions” with gas shows were observed during the operations. 

The core has been sent to a laboratory for testing, where it will be assessed for conventional gas content. 

Strike predicts that South Erregulla has significant resource potential in the Kingia Sandstones with a high chance of success due to the strong data control over the Erregulla region.

The primary objective of SE1 is to delineate around 350 PJ of high confidence resource in order to secure the gas requirements for Project Haber. 

The company has subsequently commenced running in hole with the drilling assembly and logging while drilling tools, to drill ahead to a final depth in the Holmwood Shale. 

Moving forward, Strike will drill to final dept in the Holmwood Shale and will then condition the hole before pulling out the drill string in order to commence wireline logging and evaluation. 

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