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STTM price and quantity update

The daily ex ante prices within each network for the past fortnight are shown in Figure 1.

Over the fortnight the highest price in Adelaide was $3.46 per gigajoule (GJ), the low price was $3.12/GJ, and the average price was $3.26/GJ.

Within the Sydney network the high price was $3.45/GJ, the low was $1.99/GJ, and the average was $2.64/GJ.

The daily total scheduled quantities within each network are shown in Figure 2.

The highest quantity in Adelaide for the fortnight was 62,382 GJ, the low was 45,638 GJ, and the daily average was 55,168.8 GJ.

The highest quantity for the fortnight in the Sydney network was 264,521 GJ, the lowest was 202,510 GJ, and the daily average was 237,003.6 GJ.

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