The simple fiscal meter that’s smarter than ever

The flow meter not only provides maximum fiscal accuracy, but also offers unique long term reliability. The FLOWSIC 600 2plex automatically detects errors caused by installation effects such as contamination of pipe, contamination of a flow conditioner, or pulsations of the gas flow. The four-path fiscal meter is combined with an additional single-check meter. Both meters are located in the same meter body, but provide fully independent gas measurement. This means that all possible faults are detected – and no fault will be missed. Mismeasurement is automatically detected, long before the fiscal flow meter produces errors, thus reducing measurement uncertainty and economic risk.

Good engineers know that “˜less is more’. In the past, a second flow meter was needed for monitoring the first one. Now, monitoring is inclusive. The measuring technique is as simple as it is possible. It utilises the advantage of direct path measurement, rather than complex reflections that may be susceptible to noise or contamination.

The fiscal meter measures flow with the four-path ultrasonic configuration and sensor transducer technology that provides the highest accuracy, together with long term performance stability. The device also only needs to be checked when the device indicates. Should the fiscal meter ever fail, the check meter will provide full backup.

The FLOWSIC 600 2plex has the same compact design as all members of the FLOWSIC 600 family. This device can operate under extremes of heat, ice, water and sand, as well as other adverse operating conditions. It comes from SICK with more than 25 years of technology leadership in ultrasonics.

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