Top 20 Australian Gas Leaders 2015: Emerging

1. Cooper Energy
Cooper Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company that generates revenue from oil production in the Cooper Basin and Indonesia as well as future growth prospects from Gippsland Basin gas fields.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $76.34 million
Company size: 24 employees
Primary projects: Proposed – Sole Gas Field in Otway Basin as well as Basker-Manta-Gummy oil and gas fields in Bass Strait.
Ongoing – Cooper Basin Western Flank oil production, Orbost Gas Plant onshore Victoria and oil production at Sukananti KSO (Indonesia).
Awards/innovations: Cooper Energy is well-positioned as an emerging supplier of gas to the eastern Australian gas market, with recent agreements to acquire the Sole gas field and Basker-Manta-Gummy gas fields in the Gippsland Basin. Cooper Energy is working towards commercialisation and development of these fields for the commencement of supply from late 2018.

2. Comet Ridge
Comet Ridge has significant coal seam gas projects in key regions of Queensland, northern New South Wales, New Zealand and the United States.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $42.1 million
Company size: Six employees and four consultants and contractors
Primary projects: Ongoing – Mahalo Project, Bowen Basin, Galilee Basin, Gunnedah Basin, Greymouth (New Zealand), an interest in Comet Ridge Resources LLC, a CSG petroleum explorer and producer(US).
Awards/innovations: The company’s Mahalo pilot project continues to be a focus for the company. It has a significant resource booking and the future potential of its Galilee Basin Permits. Its NSW JV Permits are potentially highly prospective, and the company looks forward to developing these and the other assets in its portfolio of permits.

3. Carbon Energy
Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Carbon Energy is the first local company to generate power using underground coal gasification (UCG) technology.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $30.84 million
Company size: 15 permanent and part-time employees
Primary projects: Proposed – Blue Gum Gas Project, Mulpun Energy Project (Chile).
Under construction – Haoqin Coal Field (Mongolia).
Completed – Bloodwood Creek Demonstration Plant.
Awards/innovations: Carbon Energy conducted an in-situ gasification pilot in Queensland to assess the environmental sustainability and commerciality of in-situ coal gasification of deep, otherwise uneconomical, coal resources. From 2008-2014, two panels were operated using an innovative keyseam® design, initially developed by CSIRO. This is the first ever whole-of-life in-situ gasification project with commercial scale modules that have, under government supervision, demonstrated contemporary standards of environmental performance. Awarded the Advanced Clean Coal Technology Award for its proprietary keyseam® underground coal gasification (UCG) technology.

4. Metgasco Limited
Metgasco is an oil and gas exploration and production company, with a significant focus on coal seam gas.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $36.41 million
Company size: Eight employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – West Casino Gas Project and exploration licenses in the Clarence Moreton Basin.
Awards/innovations: Metgasco has displayed strong leadership and support for the development of gas in NSW. It has invested approximately $120 million over the past 10 years in natural gas exploration in NSW and has established the second largest gas resource in the state.

5. MEO Australia
MEO Australia is an independent oil and gas company focused on building a substantial Australian and international E&P business servicing the rapidly growing Asian energy markets.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $10.51 million
Company size: Eight employees
Primary projects: Proposed – Block 9 PSC (Cuba).
Ongoing – Exploration in Bonaparte Basin, Carnarvon Basin, Petrel Sub-Basin, Vulcan Sub-Basin and Taranaki Basin (New Zealand), Tassie Shoal Methanol Project, Tassie Shoal LNG Project.
Awards/innovations: MEO has a diverse, high-impact portfolio with an active business development program supported by its pre-qualification in a number of jurisdictions. Short-term goals include partial divestment of assets to fund field activities and progressing the commercialisation of the Tassie Shoal Methanol Project.

6. WHL Energy
WHL Energy is an oil and gas exploration company focused on Australia and East Africa.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $4.06 million
Company size: 12-15 employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Large-scale offshore frontier exploration (Seychelles) and VIC/P67 Otway Basin appraisal and development opportunity, including the La Bella gas and condensate discovery.
Awards/innovations: WHL Energy provided financial support for the provision of a renewable energy hybrid system on Aride Island Special Reserve, Seychelles. It replaced an existing older diesel generator plant and comprises a series of panels, a five kilowatt inverter and 20 batteries. The photovoltaic system is a form of clean and quiet electrical energy which poses no adverse effect to the environment.

7. Advent Energy
Advent Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Perth, Australia.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: Two employees and sub-contractors for all operations
Primary projects: Ongoing – PEP11 in the offshore Sydney Basin, RL1 and EP386 in the onshore Bonaparte Basin.
Awards/innovations: Advent Energy identified the shale gas potential in the onshore Bonaparte Basin in the north of Australia and pioneered exploration of the offshore Sydney Basin by being the first to drill in the Sydney basin. Advent now plans to be the first company to produce commercial gas in the Bonaparte Basin.

8. Linc Energy
Linc Energy is an Australian energy company with a strong portfolio of oil and gas as well as coal deposits.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 300 employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Exploration for shale oil and gas in the Arckaringa Basin.
Completed – Chinchilla Demonstration Facility.
Awards/innovations: The company’s UCG is a method of converting coal into a valuable synthesis gas – syngas – in situ, and this technology can also be used to retrieve heavy crude oil in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Linc Energy owns and operates the world’s longest-running commercial UCG operation in Uzbekistan (over 50 years in operation), which supplies syngas to a nearby power station.

9. CNC Project Management
CNC Project Management is a professional consultancy that delivers solutions in environmental management, engagement and land access, communications, permits and approvals and geographic information systems (GIS).
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 50-200 employees
Primary projects: Proposed – Gippsland Gas Victorian Natural Gas Project.
Ongoing – APA Eastern Goldfields Pipeline, Santos Roma West Phase 2a, QNP Gas Pipeline, AGL Gloucester Gas Project, Esso Pipeline Replacement Project, APA NT Link.
Completed – QGC Northern Trunklines Project, QGC E04 and E06, Eastern Star Gas Narrabri to Wellington and Coolah to Newcastle Pipelines.
Awards/innovations: Over the last decade, CNC has been recognised with four pipeline industry awards, including the APGA 2014 Environment Award for its innovative “˜Back of the Ute’ soil test procedure. CNC also led the 2013 review of the APGA Code of Environmental Practice.

10. Icon Energy
Icon Energy is an eastern Australian oil and gas exploration company.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $35.71 million
Company size: 12 employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Exploration in Cooper-Eromanga Basin, Surat Basin, Gippsland Basin.
Awards/innovations: Icon Energy’s exploration focus will firmly be on natural gas in ATP855 in the Cooper Basin and oil in ATP594 in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. It is currently reviewing the accumulated data from its successful Stage 1 exploration in ATP855 before completing the Stage 2 work program. It expects to commence early exploration activities in ATP594 the 2015-16 financial year.

11. AJ Lucas Group
AJ Lucas supplies specialist, niche engineering, construction and drilling services to the key sectors of resources, energy, water and waste water as well as public infrastructure.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $94.92 million
Company size: 385 employees
Primary projects: Under construction – APA Group’s Eastern Goldfields Gas Pipeline.
Completed – Gorgon HDD Shore Crossing, Bonaparte Gas Pipeline, SEA Gas Pipeline, Brooklyn to Lara Pipeline.
Awards/innovations: With a focus on smart engineering solutions and solid project management, AJ Lucas has gained a reputation for solving difficult infrastructure challenges. It has become a leader in long distance pipelines and horizontal directional drilling, and is now leveraging its knowledge and experience to invest in promising unconventional hydrocarbon acreage, a strategy which has achieved a significant rate of return. It won the APIA Safety Award in 2010 for its program “˜Safety of the Community on the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline’.

12. Denso Australia
Denso Australia specialises in the manufacture of exclusive corrosion resistant coatings and linings for the long-term protection of steel and concrete.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 30 employees
Primary projects: Completed – 300 km 200 mm Field Joint Coatings and HDD in Protal 7200 (Spiecapag Lucas) for APA Eastern Goldfields Pipeline; 35 km 400 mm Field Joint Coatings and HDD in Protal 7200 (Spiecapag Lucas) for Jemena QGP Looping; 2 km 500 mm Mainline Coating in Protal 7200 (Lanskey Constructions) for PUMA Energy Fuel Terminal; 500 lineal m 300 mm mainline coating (HDD) in Protal 7200 (Geelong Abrasive Blasting) for APA Wallan HDD; and 300 lineal m mainline coating (Dig Ups) in Protal 7200 (TL Byrne Excavations) for APA Brisbane Roma Gas Pipeline.
Awards/innovations: Denso Australia recently officially registered with the Australian Made campaign to endorse 32 of its products as Australian-made. Around 80 per cent of its products are manufactured in Victoria and it adopts an environmentally conscious stance by recycling materials to produce new products, such as its Denso mastic. The company has also acquired Petro Coating Systems, which will allow Denso to better service a broader market by offering 22 additional products as part of its current range.

13. Gas Liquid Processing (GLP)
GLP is an Australian-owned and operated company committed to providing innovative gas and liquid processing designs and technologies.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 20 employees
Primary projects: Under construction – Arrow Energy’s Daandine Expansion Triethylene Glycol (TEG) package.
Ongoing – Process optimisation for Australian gas producers as well as scrubbing and solvent recovery across mining and light industrial sectors.
Awards/innovations: GLP is a uniquely positioned Australian company with the ability to offer a single source of services from concept to fabrication, installation and commissioning of gas processing plants. GLP is continually working on the development of micro-LNG plants for the commercialisation of stranded gas and the development of virtual pipelines across Australia.

14. Momentum Engineering
Momentum Engineering is an independent, Australian-owned and operated company that is quality assured and provides engineering consulting and project management services to the energy and resource sector.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 80-100 employees
Primary projects: Under construction – Winchelsea Compressor Station (APA Group). Ongoing – Offshore and Onshore Engineering Services (Woodside). Completed – Moomba Gas Conditioning and Compression Station (Epic Energy), Wandoo B Accommodation and Utilities Upgrade (Vermillion), Red Gully Gas and Condensate Development (Empire Oil and Gas), Blacktip Gas and Condensate Facility (Eni Australia), Mondarra Gas Dehydration Plant (Enerflex).
Awards/innovations: Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Momentum Engineering has extensive experience in front-end engineering, detailed design engineering and project delivery in both greenfield and brownfield environments. It continues to be a national leader in providing multi-discipline engineering and management services for compressor stations, gas processing, gas storage and pipeline projects throughout Australia.

15. Empire Oil and Gas NL
Empire Oil and Gas is an oil and gas exploration and production company.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $40.82 million
Company size: Nine employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Carnarvon Basin and Perth Basin.
Completed – Red Gully Gas and Condensate Development.
Awards/innovations: Empire Oil and Gas NL was awarded the RIU Explorer of the Year Award in 2011 for its new gas-condensate discoveries in the Northern Perth Basin. The business has grown from a small exploration company that floated on ASX in 1998 into a company that is producing gas and condensate from its Red Gully Processing Facility. It has built an impressive portfolio of exploration assets throughout the highly prospective Perth Basin.

16. Norwest Energy
Norwest Energy is an oil and gas explorer and producer focused on the hydrocarbon fairway along the western flank of the onshore northern Perth Basin.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $6.67 million
Company size: Six employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Arrowsmith shale gas project in EP413 and six other permits within the northern Perth Basin, including TP/15 which contains the conventional 160 MMbbl oil prospect Xanadu, as well as licence P2265 targeting offshore conventional oil in the Wessex Basin (UK).
Awards/innovations: Norwest’s primary focus is to progress development of the rapidly emerging shale gas industry within Western Australia. Its flagship project, the Arrowsmith Field, is well positioned to exploit the highly prospective shale formations prolific throughout the area, and Norwest is looking to drill a new horizontal multi-fracced well – Arrowsmith 3 – in 2016.

17. TransAlta Energy Australia
TransAlta Energy Australia is an experienced electrical operator that serves large industrial customers in the region and has invested close to a billion dollars in Western Australia in assets with stable long-term contracts.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 72 employees, excluding contractors
Primary projects: Under construction – South Hedland Power Station.
Completed – Fortescue River Gas Pipeline, Parkeston Power Plant, Southern Cross Energy, and Soloman Power Plant.
Awards/innovations: TransAlta Energy Australia has doubled its business in the past three years and is continuing to grow in Western Australia. Currently, the company is constructing the South Hedland combine-cycle gas power station that will be completed in 2017 and will be one of the most energy efficient plants in the region. Parent company TransAlta has been selected by Sustainalytics as one of Canada’s Top 50 Socially Responsible Companies since 2009 and is recognised globally for its leadership on sustainability and corporate responsibility standards.

18. Ostwald Bros
Ostwald Bros is a resources and infrastructure services group with a combination of experience, superior logistics and local knowledge.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 750+ employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Santos Cooper Basin gas fields, QGC Surat Basin Civil projects, APLNG FSG Rig Pads & Roads Project, gas infrastructure and services at many stages within the CSG lifecycle, from initial bulk earthworks through to production and transportation.
Awards/innovations: More than 150 Ostwald Bros employees are fully trained to work on live oil and gas sites, following an intensive training program run in conjunction with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. The tailored program is an Australian first and positions Ostwald Bros as a skilled and capable contender in the next phase of oil and gas field activity. The company won the Queensland Major Contractors Association’s Queensland Project Safety Excellence Award in 2014 for its APLNG Rig Pads & Roads Project, and was awarded Queensland Business of the Year at the Dalby Business Excellence Awards in 2012.

19. McConnell Dowell
McConnell Dowell is a global EPC and construction company that delivers safe, smart and efficient infrastructure through a creative construction approach.
ASX-listed: No
Company size: 10,000 employees
Primary projects: Under construction – South West QLD Pipelines, Webb Dock Maritime Infrastructure Works in Victoria, Fourth Transmission Pipeline Stage 2 (Thailand) and Waterview Connection Tunnel Project (New Zealand).
Completed – APLNG EPC pipelines project, GLNG Upstream Roma Hub and pipelines, QCLNG Narrows Crossing, QCLNG Export Pipeline and Collection Header, Adelaide Desalination Plant and Transfer Pipeline Contracts, Oiltanking Karimun Jetty and Mechanical Works (Indonesia), ExxonMobil Parallel Train Project (Singapore) and ENOC Naphtha Hydrotreater Reformer Project (UAE).
Awards/innovations: Recent highlights include APLNG Pipelines achieving the following honours: Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) 2015 Contractor Excellence Award winner and 2013 Australian Biosecurity Award winner, Runner Up for the 2014 IPLOCA Safety Award. McConnell Dowell’s APLNG Pipelines and Gold Coast Light Rail projects were both announced as finalists for both the IPA 2015 Project of the Year and the ACA 2015 Australian Construction Achievement Award Project of the Year honours. The company’s Ambuklao and Binga Hydropower Plant project received a silver award for the Best Renewable Energy Power Plant of the Year in the 2011 Asian Power Awards. The company was also awarded the 2015 Contractor Excellence Award at the National Infrastructure Awards for its MCJV joint venture with Consolidated Contracting Company, the 2012 APIA Safety Award for its program “˜Driving Safely – Journey Management and Emergency Preparedness on Mega Pipeline’, and the 2012 APIA Environment Award for its program “˜Environment Compliance – Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Planning’.

20. Blue Energy
Blue Energy is an evolving oil and gas exploration company positioned with conventional and unconventional assets throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.
ASX-listed: Yes
Market capitalisation: $34.23 million
Company size: Four employees
Primary projects: Ongoing – Bowen, Carpentaria, Cooper/Eromanga, Galilee, Maryborough, South Georgina, Surat and Wiso basins.
Awards/innovations: Blue Energy has a vision to become Australia’s leading mid-sized oil and gas exploration and production company, and to continue to build its 3P reserve base to 3 tcf while growing its liquids portfolio from within its recently acquired acreage.

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