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Vali-2 exceeds expectations: Metgasco

Vintage Energy

Metgasco has confirmed that the Vali-2 well, located in the Queensland Cooper-Eromanga Basin, has delivered greater net gas pay than Vali-1 ST1, exceeding pre-drill expectations.

Reporting on behlad of the ATP2021 joint venture (Vintage Energy, Metgasco, Bridgeport), the Vali-2 well was drilled to a total depth of 3240 metres and cased for production at the beginning of May, with wireline logging confirming the presence of gas in both the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations, and the Tirrawarra Sandstones.

The company expects the discovery of gas in the Toolachee Formation will add to reserves estimates in the Vali field.

Metgasco, on behalf of the joint venture, reported that the Vali-2 has 24 metres of stacked net gas pay in the Toolachee Formation, with an 8 per cent porosity cut-off, which is distributed between three thick sandstones and five thinner ones.

A gas gradient was stabilised through MDT press measurements and a gas sample was recovered.

Following the analysis of the sample, it has indicated that the Toolachee gas has a higher percentage of hydrocarbons at 82 per cent and 18 per cent inert gases, compared with the Patchawarra gas in Vali-1 ST1 having 76 per cent hydrocarbons and 24 per cent inert gases.

The wireline logging and MDT results indicate that the Toolachee reservoir may flow without the need for well stimulation.

In addition, the Patchawarra Formation is estimated to have 117 metres of conventional and low permeability net gas pay, with a 6 per cent porosity cut off, that is distributed over 18 sandstone packages.

Chief executive officer Ken Aitken said the better than anticipated Vali-2 net pay results indicate reserve upside potential for the Vali Field, which will be independently assessed following the drilling of Vali-3.

“Metgasco looks forward to the imminent spud of Vali-3 appraisal well and a safe and successful conclusion to the 2021 Cooper-Eromanga Basin drilling program,” he said.

The SLR184 rig has been mobilised to the Vali-3 with spud expected over the coming days.