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Vali JV case final Qld well

Vali-1 Vintage Energy

Vintage Energy and its joint venture partners have now cased three wells in the Vali field, Queensland, following the Vali-3 well being cased for future production.

The Vali-3 well reached total depth at 3168m at the end of last month, with the SLR184 rig being released on Monday night.

The joint venture (Vintage, Metgasco and Bridgeport) have thanked all the contractors involved with the drilling, casing and assessment of the Vali-2, Vali-3 and Odin-1 wells.

The main objective of the Vali-3 well was achieved following the intersection of the Patchawarra Formation in line with the pre-drill interpretation of the Vali structure.

Evaluation of the recently completed wireline logging program has confirmed interpreted gas pay within the Patchawarra, consistent with pre-drill expectations and the location of the well within the field.

During drilling, further gas shows were observed in the lower Nappamerri Group, Toolachee and Epsilon formations, and the Tirrawarra Sandstone. Samples collected from the Nappamerri Group and Toolachee Formation during the evaluation program will be analysed to determine whether gas pay can be interpreted in any of the sands in these zones.

Vintage outlined that oil shows were observed through the late Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic sediments, as well as the uppermost Permian aged Toolachee Formation.

Despite there being no mappable Jurassic structural closure around the three Vali wells, a particularly good oil show was observed within the McKinlay Member in Vali-3 and sampling recovered water, likely mud filtrate, with hydrocarbon odour and blue-white fluorescence.

The joint venture stated that they are excited by the continued success from its drilling program and look forward to progressing plans for production from these exploration and appraisal wells.