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Vali JV reach total depth

Vali-1 Vintage Energy

Vintage Energy and Metgasco have reported on behalf of its joint venture partner, Bridgeport, that it has reached total depth at the Vali-3 well, Queensland.

The Vali-3 well reached total depth at 3186 metres at 4.45am on Monday.  Vintage, as operator, advised that the well was drilled with no safety incidents.

In addition to the gas shows observed previously in the Nappamerri and Toolachee formations, shows were also observed in the Epsilon and Patchawarra formations and Tirrawarra Sandstones.

Over the coming days wireline logs will be completed to evaluate the hydrocarbon shows observed while drilling.

The joint venture advised that the primary objective of Vali-3 is to appraise the extent of the deeper Patchawarra Formation gas accumulation discovered in Vali-1 ST1 and confirmed in Vali-2.

In addition, Metgasco reported earlier in June that while drilling, gas shows were observed in the mid-Nappamerri Formation, with oil shows observed in the Murta, McKinlay, Namur, Westbourne, Birkhead and Hutton Formations.

In addition, the Vali-2 well was drilled to a total depth of 3240 metres and cased for production at the beginning of May, with wireline logging confirming the presence of gas in both the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations, and the Tirrawarra Sandstones.

The company expects the discovery of gas in the Toolachee Formation will add to reserves estimates in the Vali field.