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Varanus returns to full capacity

The plant returned to producing pre-incident volumes of 360 terajoules per day of gas, Apache Energy spokesman David Parker told local news sources, stating that the repair project is in its final phase.

To date, repairs to the Harriet joint venture (HJV) train 2 depropaniser reboiler and commissioning of the HJV train 2 is in progress, and the removal of dust in the 12 inch sales gas line is underway. The plant is currently operating with 186 personnel onsite.

Meanwhile, gas utility Alinta has announced that the Western Australian Government has given the go-ahead to increase gas prices charged to its Western Australian gas users by 23 per cent from 1 July 2009.

Recovering costs associated with the Varanus Island gas disruption formed part of Alinta’s case for the increase.

Western Australian Energy Minister Peter Collier said Alinta made the case that changes to the retail tariff cap were “necessary to ensure householders and businesses were provided with reliable and sustainable gas supplies in the longer term.”?

The submission was assessed by the Office of Energy (OOE) and independently verified by economic consultant ACIL Tasman.

Mr Collier said the OOE was continuing to complete a more detailed review, examining future requirements to move the tariff caps to reach cost-reflective levels.

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