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Vintage Energy progresses Odin-1

Vintage Energy’s Odin-1 flow test nearly completed with successful results

Vintage Energy has announced Odin-1’s flow test program is nearly complete alongside already successful results.

In the first stage of the flow test for the Odin-1, a stable flow rate of 6.5 million standard cubic feet per day was delivered.

The flowing wellhead pressure was 1823 psi through a 28/64-inch fixed choke.

Afterwards, for 15 days the well was shut-in with the flow test’s second stage restarting on 18 November 2021.

The running of a multi-rate memory production log was the focus of the second stage, and it confirmed that gas was being contributed from each of the perforated Epsilon and Toolachee formations.

Gas samples are being transported to Adelaide for analysis.

Currently, the Odin-1 well is shut-in and downhole pressure gauges are installed to record build-up of pressure over a 4-day period.

Vintage Managing Director Neil Gibbins said the company was “thrilled” with the results from the Odin-1 flow test.

“[The Odin-1 flow test] delivered such a strong result that was well ahead of our initial expectations,” Gibbins said.

“All of the zones perforated for testing contributed to the overall gas flow from the well, which is a great outcome.”

Gibbins said he was grateful to all those involved.

“I would like to thank all of the contractors working on-site, and the Vintage team, for what was a safe and successful operation during a very bust time in the basin,” he said.

“We now look forward to the Odin Field being a key contributor to our upcoming gas delivery to the Australian domestic market.”

Odin-1 is located in South Australia’s Cooper Basin, in the southern flank of the Nappamerri Trough.

A further release will be made to the market when the pressure gauges are retrieved, and the data analysed.

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