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Vintage hits total depth at Vali

Vintage Energy

Vintage Energy has reached total depth at the Vali-2 well, located in the Cooper Basin, Queensland.

Reporting on behlad of the ATP2021 joint venture (Vintage, Metgasco, Bridgeport), the well hit a total depth of 3240 metres on Sunday, may 2 without any safety incidents.

The drilling of the well was lead by the Schlumberger rig team and the contractor group as a whole.

A number of gas shows in the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations and Tirrawarra Sandstone were observed during drilling and these are currently being evaluated by the wireline logging program.

Vintage advised that the primary objectives of Vali-2 were to assess the potential for gas in the Toolachee Formation four-way dip closure, that was not tested in Vali-1 ST1, and to appraise the extent of the Patchawarra Formation gas accumulation discovered in Vali-1 ST1.

The positive news to date is that gas shows in the Patchawarra Formation, that are supported by preliminary wireline log results, are in line and consistent with those observed in Vali-1 ST1, with the Toolachee Formation also showing early encouraging signs.

In addition, the company reported that data is being analysed from the downhole gauges that were retrieved from Nagwarry-1 well, located in the Otway Basin.

Once the test data is analysed the joint venture (Vintage, Otway Energy) will estimate updated volumetrics for the Nangwarry reservoir, which will in turn be independently verified.

The current gross recoverable estimates for Nangwarry-1 carbon dioxide are: Low of 7.8 billion standard cubic feet (Bscf), best of 25.1 Bcf, and high of 82.1 Bcf.