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Viva plots natural gas imports to key Victorian city

Viva Energy believes Geelong in Victoria is well posited for the company to establish a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import, supply and storage facility.

The company expects the project would bring natural gas from other parts of Australia and abroad to Victoria, with the virtual pipeline increasing diversity and competition of gas supply.

Viva is confident that the LNG facility will further improve capability to meet peak demand and potentially support an entry into the local gas markets.

The project is currently in the pre-front end engineering design (pre-FEED) phase, with the company shortly undertaking an expression of interest process to assess interest from potential partners.

Viva outlined that the virtual pipeline would supply between 80 to 140 petajoules (PJ) or up to 30 per cent of southern state demand, with the pipeline from northern fields to southern states.

The project will also bring potential associated projects with it, including: LNG for transport, gas to power generation and gas to hydrogen for pre-renewable early phase production.

Viva will enhance its strategic position with process and capability synergies, own use and proximity to gas and electricity infrastructure, and leverage exisiting port and land base infrastructure.

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