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Walyering reaches final depth after 13 days

Otway offshore

Strike Energy’s Walyering-5 top hole well has reached the final depth of 3435 m MD in the Perth Basin, Western Australia.

In only 13 days, the well reached total depths, which was 8 days ahead of schedule.

In the final section, two casing and cementing runs, as well as an additional 235 m of hole, were included.

Strike intersected the primary targets in the A and B Sand of the Cattamarra Coal Measures (CMM) when drilling the production hole.

The targets were encountered close to prognosis at the depths of 3098 and 3176 m MD.

Elevated mud and gas levels and low weight on bit penetration were observed by Strike.

Well sorted, coarse grained sands in the cuttings during the drilling through the A Sand, before encountering similar conditions in the B Sand, was also observed.

Strike has pulled out of hole and started wireline logging operations over the 8-1/2-inch open hole section to understand the importance of these observations.

Following this announcement, Strike plans to acquire a full suite of wireline logs over the target reservoirs before running the 5-1/2-inch casing and cementing in place.

The Walyering-5 well was designed to test the updip potential of the Walyering wet-gas discovery.

Initially discovered at the depth of 3165 m subsea, the well is in the Jurassic Cattamarra Coal Measures.

The Walyering wet-gas field, which is in the strategic location between WA’s two major gas transmission lines, links WA’s industrial gas markets with the field.

The exploration permit EP447 for the area covers 1110 km2 and was acquired in December 2018.

This announcement comes after the company recently announced the well reached depths of 2380 m.

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