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Warrego’s West Erregulla-3 recommences drilling

West Erregulla

The West Erregulla-3 (WE-3) appraisal well was successfully re-entered on 2 June 2022 using the Ensign 970 drilling rig.

The initial WE-3 well was suspended in January 2021 after encountering abnormally overpressure gas in the Carynginia Formation.

The WE-3 well has since been redesigned to better cope with mud weight and gas pressures at greater depths. The Ensign 970 drilling rig has been fitted with a Weatherford Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system to ensure well pressure remains within operational limits.

During its initial drilling phase, the WE-2 well encountered geological formations on prognosis and hydrocarbon shows were observed throughout the Dongara and upper Wagina sandstones. Drilling and completion are expected to take between 45-55 days and will be followed by flow testing.

The well will be completed for future production.

Warrego Energy’s CEO, Dennis Donald, stressed the importance of WE-3 to the West Erregulla appraisal program. The WE-3 will ideally provide valuable data which will enable the EP469 joint venture (JV) to confirm the extent of the Northern Area.

“Since the well was suspended, we have worked with the operator to redesign the WE-3 well to handle the technical challenges of high gas pressures,” said Donald.

“A positive indicator for WE-3 was the major discovery at Lockyer Deep-1 in EP426 by Energy Resources and Norwest in 2021. The discovery supports the hypothesis that gas generated from the mature north Dandaragan Trough has migrated through the EP469 permit area, likely filling the West Erregulla and Erregulla Deep structure, before spilling to the north and west towards Lockyer Deep and Waitsia.”

West Erregulla-3 is located in the Northern Area of the West Erregulla gas field in EP469, onshore in the northern Perth Basin WA. The EP469 JV is equally held by Warrego Energy and Strike Energy.

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