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Warroon-1 fracture stimulation complete


Armour Energy has announced that fracture re-stimulation of the Warroon-1 well was successfully completed, and all fracture stages were successfully pumped with a total proppant placement 159,826 lb. 

This total, achieved on 10 January, exceed’s Armour’s initial expectation of 157,000 lb. All fracture stages were pumped by oil service company Schlumberger. 

After a preliminary coil cubing clean-out and confirmation of open perforations, the well remained suspended until a swabbing package could be mobilised on 28 January. 

On the second day of swabbing, the well began free flowing through flow back equipment to surface tanks. 

Following the recovery of around 400 barrels of stimulation fluids, gas breakout was evident and the clean-up flow was diverted inline through the gathering system. 

Warroon-1 has now recovered around 10 per cent of the total stimulation fluids with increasing gas rates. 

It is expected the well will continue cleaning up over the next three to five weeks, prior to achieving expected production potential. 

Armour chief executive Brad Lingo said he was pleased to report the fracture stimulation is progressing as per the program and inline with expectations. 

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