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WE3 confirms extension of high-quality conventional gas

Warrego Energy WE3

Strike Energy’s West Erregulla-3 (WE3) well has confirmed the extension of the high-quality, conventional gas field within the Kingia Sandstones in the Perth Basin.

The Kingia Sandstone reservoir was encountered between 4731 m MD and 4791 m MD with a gross gas column of 60 m. Mud logs, logging while drilling and wireline logging tools were used to evaluate the Kingia Sandstone.

The Kingia is made up of a single package of high-quality reservoir totalling 38 m of net pay with an average porosity of 13.8 per cent and up to 19 per cent. The sands within this section are observed to be consistent with other Kingia penetrations for the field and across the broader play.

Petrophysical analysis shows no gas water contact has been observed in the logs or while drilling.

The WE3 reservoir characteristics are the best observed in the field to date.

This aligns with WE3 being the shallowest penetration of the wells drilled in the field so far with the Kingia Sandstone reservoir section being encountered 30 m shallower than the discovery well at West Erregulla-2.

WE3 exhibits excellent reservoir quality and net thickness, and with the inclusion of the WE3 results in the field’s dataset, WE3 has the potential to generate a better representation of the field’s reservoir characteristics and corresponding increase in the resource modelling.

Strike drilled the well to a final depth declared at 4890 m MD in the Holmwood Shale.

Additionally, the secondary objective in the High Cliff Sandstones was found to have insufficient reservoir development to warrant further testing. Once the well is conditioned, Strike will run a 4 ½-inch tubing to the surface in preparation for a production test which is anticipated to begin in August.

The WE3 Kingia reservoir was encountered at a shallower depth than initially anticipated and was drilled within the Norther fault block of the field.

Confirmation of the consistency of the reservoir into the North provides the opportunity for a further review of the resource classifications and the mapping of the Kingia Sandstone in this area of the field.

Strike is set to engage with NSAI to include WE3 well results, on behalf of the EP469 joint venture (JV), into the company’s dataset and conduct a Reserves and Resources review for the WE gas field.

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