Webinar: Ensuring production availability and productivity in the Oil and Gas industry

The Oil and Gas market segment faces increased pressure to improve efficiencies across all streams to remain competitive in the COVID-19 climate.

On June 24, Oil and Gas Today hosted a webinar sponsored by Rockwell Automation to addressed these confronting issues.

Kevin Cole​, Industry Sales Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Rockwell Automation was the keynote speaker at the webinar. He spoke about the current volatilities in the oil and gas market and how the industry is expected to recover.

With increasing site access restrictions, remote connectivity can be an advantage, as it allows a skilled employee or supplier to remotely access site to program, diagnose, troubleshoot or repair control assets. It could also be used for live “over-the-shoulder” collaboration using augmented reality (AR). ​

Kevin’s presentation was was followed by a presentation by Derek Athanassiou, Commercial Engineer, Australia and New Zealand, Rockwell Automation, who provided a short introduction on remote connectivity and expert support for maintenance and troubleshooting.

David Turner, Regional Manager, Digital Oilfield Solutions, Asia Pacific, Sensia discussed practical ways to reduce the time between anomaly detection and issue resolution and shared real examples of deploying developments in IIOT and Petro-Technical analytics for application in ESP equipped wells.

Wrapping up the session was a Q&A session with the attendees.