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West Erregulla-3 reaches new depths

West Erregulla

Strike Energy has drilled through the existing cement plugs and through the Carynginia Shale and into the Irwin River Coal Measures at the West Erregulla-3 (WE-3) appraisal well.

As seen in late 2020, the Carynginia Shale was heavily over-pressure and caused the initial WE-3 well to be suspended in January 2021. The WE-3 well was redesigned to better cope with the mud weight and gas pressure issues at greater depths.

As of mid-June 2022, the over-pressured gas subsequently produced substantial gas to surface as the formation was drilled using the managed pressure drilling system and equipment.

Moreover, in addition to having officially reached a section depth at 4435 m at WE3, Strike has landed the 7-inch liner and has cemented it in place.

Strike’s forward plan will consist of reducing the weight of the mud system before running in hole and drilling the remaining Irwin Rover Coal Measures before entering into the primary and secondary objectives in the Kingia and High Cliff Sandstones.

Warrego Energy’s CEO, Dennis Donald, has in the past stressed the importance of WE-3 to the West Erregulla appraisal program. The WE-3 will ideally provide valuable data which will enable the EP469 joint venture (JV) to confirm the extent of the Northern Area.

West Erregulla-3 is located in the Northern Area of the West Erregulla gas field in EP469, onshore in the northern Perth Basin WA. The EP469 JV is equally held by Warrego Energy and Strike Energy.

Strike Energy is operator and holder of a 50 per cent joint venture interest in EP469, with Warrego Energy as holder of the remaining 50 per cent of joint venture interest.

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