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West Erregulla 5 well confirms high quality gas

Warrego Energy WE3

Strike Energy has completed drilling the West Erregulla 5 well to a depth of 5015m, with wireline logs confirming a large high quality gas resource at the Western Australian project.

The company completed drilling operations in the Holmwood Shale after passing through the Bit basher Shale and the High Cliff Sandstone with logging while drilling tools.

The initial wireline logs have been acquired to confirm the reservoir and resource characteristics where these operations are ongoing.

The company outlined that the initial Kingia results are in line with expectations and confirm the precedes of a large high quality gas resource at West Erregulla.

The Kingia formation was encountered at 4771 metres, coming in considerably shallower than prognosed with a gross thickness of 183m.

The Kingia reservoir section was made up of almost one single, large unit of very clean sand, with thick blocky porosity development.

Strike further highlighted that gas was observed through the Kingia which was measured with a high gas saturations and is interested to have a net pay of 32m, with an average porosity of 10 per cent across this section and porosities up to 15 per cent.

In addition, gas was observed throughout the entire reservoir sections where pressures in the Kingia are yet to be recorded.

The High Cliff sandstone was observed to have negligible reservoir development. However, additional pay has been identified in shallower Permian reservoirs.

Looking ahead, the company will conduct additional wireline logging to procure fluid samples and pressures across the formations amongst other data.

Once complete, Strike will condition the hole in preparation for running the final production casing string which will be cemented in place and then completed for upcoming flow testing across the Kingia Sandstones.