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West Erregulla gas “exceptional”

Strike and its joint venture (JV) partner Warrego Energy had already encountered strong gas shows at West Erregulla’s Wagina sandstone, but the JV now reports the find in the Kingia sandstone is much more significant, with Strike Managing Director Stuart Nicholls calling the discovery “truly an exceptional outcome”.

“The Kingia results at West Erregulla have exceeded Strike’s highest expectations and indicate a significant gas discovery that appears to have higher reservoir quality than the Waitsia gas field,” he said.

“With West Erregulla-2 now being one of the deepest wells ever drilled onshore Australia and finding such excellent quality sandstone reservoirs, the subsurface paradigms of the Perth Basin are shifting.”

The Kingia formation was encountered at 4,753 m with gas on rock showing a gross gas column of at least 97 m, with the lower section made up of several high quality large units of clean sand with thick porosity development.

Mr Nicholls said the drilling campaign would be “company changing” for Strike and there was a real possibility of adding to the find.

“Strike believes it has unveiled a new conventional gas fairway, with these initial results validating our geological model,” he said.

“With the well drilling ahead to the High Cliff sandstones which show an even better anomaly than the Kingia at West Erregulla, the chance of adding a further material discovery looks promising.”

The JV plans to continue drilling to a final depth of 5,200 m, at which point wireline logging, side wall coring, casing and running of a production completion will take place followed by a flow test.

West Erregulla-2 is being drilled in EP 469 in the Perth Basin.

Strike and Warrego are 50-50 partners in the JV, which is operated by Strike.

For more information visit the Strike website.

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