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West Erregulla reserves provide confidence for Warrego

Warrego Energy

The West Erregulla reserves were assessed from the Kingia reservoir and confirmed 2P Reserves of 300 PJ of gas, and the potential 3P upside pf 372 PJ, supporting Warrego Energy’s ability to satisfy its foundational gas sale agreement (GSA).

The West Erregulla independent reserves certification by Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc (NSAI) is in line with the previous resources certification by RISC Advisory in May 2020, Warrego Energy announced.

The West Erregulla gas field is located in EP469, onshore in the northern Perth Basin in Western Australia, and has been independently certified by NSAI in accordance with SPE-PRMS guidelines since 2018.

Warrego Energy CEO, Dennis Donald said a further 128 PJ of gross 2C Contingent Resources and 198 PJ of 2U Prospective Resources were assigned to West Erregulla, giving the company the incentive to pursue the full upside potential of this asset, starting with the re-testing of WE-5 and the re-entry of WE-3.

“Beyond that, we are very excited about the exploration potential in EP469 to the east and north of the EP469 permit,” he said.

“These near-field structures, should they yield discoveries similar to West Erregulla and Lockyer Deep, could form the basis for the next phase of development in EP469.”

The main conventional reservoirs at West Erregulla Field are Early Permian age Kingia and High Cliff sandstones which display good reservoir parameters and are at the principal producing reservoirs at the Waitsia Field and Kingia discovery at Beharra Springs Deep.

Secondary discovered gas pools, Late Permian Dongara and Wagina sandstones have been classified as prospective resources as additional well control and technical information is needed to identify the most likely productive intervals.

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