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West Erregulla well confirms high quality gas

Warrego Energy

Strike Energy has completed the wireline logging at West Erregulla 5 well, where press and fluid samples have been collected at the Western Australian project.

The company advised that the Kingia Sandstone is observed to be strongly gas charged with similar permeabilise as measured throughout the field.

The pressures measured are greater than 7000 psi which is positive for the future production potential of the interval and slightly higher than expected.

However, Strike reported that the high permeabilities required for this type of invasion and charging effect have been analysed and it is believe that the reservoir contains higher porosity than has been measured to date,

Final flow testing of the well will confirm this analysis.

Subsequent to the logging campaign, Strike gas run the final production casing string to depth and cemented it in place.

Clean-up activities at West Erregulla 4 where sand production has subsided is preparing to move into the testing phase.

The company stated that flows observed during this section of the clean-up have been strong along with associated high flowing well head pressures.

In addition, Strike will conduct final pressure testing at WE5 before installing the xmas tree, before the well is completed across the Kingia in preparation for its upcoming production testing. 

Due to border controls resulting from COVID-19 in Western Australia, crew movement has been limited and some minor delays encountered.

The company has advised that these restrictions are expected to continue in the immediate term but to have minimal impact on the overall schedule.