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Whitebark wells peak as oil production rates rise

Whitebark Energy has reported that the Wizard Lake oil field in Canada is producing a combined gross rate of 1800 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) at the field’s three wells.

Field operations have been maintained steadily, but rates increased at Rex-1 and 2 while work was carried out to identify appropriate emulsion breaker chemicals for the oil from Rex-3.

Earlier last month, Whitebark announced it had successfully operated the Canadian-based facility for 16 trouble-free days.

The company said it focussed on re-establishing full flow from the wells with Rex-1 being cleaned out following an obstruction.

Rex-2 was being converted back to pump, following a clean out to remove any frac sand that had accumulated in the borehole during the initial flow period.

At Rex-3, the company continued to flow oil and gas unassisted and 30 per cent of the frac fluid had been recovered.

The well is flowing through an 11.91mm choke to restrain the gas rate to approximately 2mmcfd and ensure the well can clean up in an optimal manner.

The tasks were completed, and the three wells are now using both infield flow lines from Rex-2 and 3 combined in one line and Rex-1 in the other to deliver oil, gas and water to the Wizard Lake processing plant for sale.

Whitebark has confirmed the plant is now producing high-quality oil from the cascade system with 0.5-1.3 per cent water being delivered to sale points.

The company said it expected all loads to be less than 0.5 per cent water, maximising the value of the oil.

The following work procedures were reported by the company to be completed in cold and tiring conditions, underling the robustness of the process being used to treat the field production.

Whitebark is confident the wells performance will continue to improve before plateauing. Currently the field facilities are producing 2100 barrels of fluid a day, including 1220 barrels of per day and over 3.5 mmcfd of gas.

Managing director David Messina said following a short delay, the current success of the wells was rewarding.

“We are looking forward to the next few weeks aa we continue the field and progress plans for the next well,” Messina said.

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