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Woodside leaders uphold company’s secure position

New code of conduct for gas industry

Woodside chairman Richard Goyder and chief executive Peter Coleman have reinforced that the company has one of the stronger balance sheets in the industry as it navigates current market challenges.

Goyder, speaking at the company’s annual general meeting, said to protect Woodside, the company had adopted an operating model that minimised the contagion risk and ensured it could continue to provide natural gas to Western Australia’s energy supply

Faced with the challenges of COVID-19, Woodside has prepared for the crisis response, and although a pandemic of this scale is not something the company had planed for, it had the right processes and people in place to respond and manage impacts.

As a result of the current global crisis, Goyder stated that the company would have liked to have spent the AGM updating the progress on the proposed Burrup Hub projects.

“But it is, in fact, fortunate that we have not yet sanctioned those projects. This gives us flexibility,” Goyder said.

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