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Worley commits to sustainable transformation

Worley announces sustainable renewable transformation

Worley has announced it is transforming into a high value solutions provider with a focus on sustainability.

The company will be enabled to accomplish this through knowledge, data, automation and technology and will do so across diversified end markets as well as new and emerging sustainability markets.

In its most recent investor day presentation, Worley issued forward looking statements that aim to deliver a more sustainable world.

The company plans to accelerate sustainability-focused growth through investment decisions that shift towards net-zero.

Worley further highlighted that its plan included its five-year ambitions, which centred around its people, portfolio and the planet.

In the ambitions, fostering an inclusive, safe, inspirational and innovative workplace as well as committing to reaching net zero scope one and two emissions by 2030 played a key role.

Worley has also included plans to accelerate the company’s growth and to derive 75 per cent of its revenue from sustainable businesses in Worley’s five-year ambitions.

Whilst Worley’s current low-carbon energy sources come from integrated gas and nuclear power, the company aims to expand this to low-carbon hydrogen, renewable energy and power networks.

Investing in green hydrogen, carbon capture use and storage and offshore win is also on the company’s agenda.

The presentation comes after Worley announced it acquired an engineering, construction and installation contract for Hexicon’s offshore wind project.

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