Your 2020 critical risk management package

Representing over 25 years of collaboration and innovation alongside industries that work at height, The GRIPPS drop store is your total turn-key solution for the management of risks associated with working at height.

For a limited time, the GRIPPS drop store ships with complimentary training for five staff, a 25 per cent discount off recommended retail price for included components and a complimentary heavy-duty cabinet.

With the latest 2019 Safe Work Australia work, health and safety report showing 10 per cent of all workplace fatalities were the result of falling objects – alongside 3575 serious injuries (14 per day) – now is the time to get serious about your 2020 drop protection strategy.

The GRIPPS drop store contains over 840 individual components, catering for up to 50 height workers. From full tool-drop management systems to radio holsters, lifting bags and drop mats, you will have 100 per cent certainty that all tasks conducted at height are fully protected against drops via the GRIPPS ‘primary-measure’ system.

Developed as a total turn-key risk management solution, the drop store has been deployed to projects across the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy and construction industries.

GRIPPS tool-height safety training has been proven to increase uptake and speed up the implementation of ‘best practice’ on-site. The included complimentary training for five people will create strategically placed leaders and drive your adoption strategy.

If you’re serious about total risk management for dropped tools and objects on your project, then contact GRIPPS today for the full list of drop store specifications directly at sales@gripps.com.au.