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Galilee Energy suffers Glenaras setback

Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy has advised that operations have been temporarily interrupted at the Glenaras pilot project following a pump failure at the Glenaras 19 well and wet weather.

The company stated this interruption has slightly delayed the full extent of the planned testing of the optimised pilot configuration following the recently completed pump enhancement program (PEP).

However, workovers on Glenaras 12 and 16 have been completed and brought online, resulting in the pilot water production rates achieving a new record of more than 20,000 barrel of water per day prior to Glenaras 19 going off-line and Glenaras 14 being shut-in for pressure surveillance.

Galilee reported full field gas rates will be measured once all wells are back online and optimised.

The portion of total gas desorbing from the coals, as opposed to the gas being produced in the water phase, has increased from 45 per cent to 75 per cent over the past month.

In addition, the confirmation of pressure depletion at Glenaras 8 in the Betts Creek coals confirms that the coal seams are considerably more productive than initial expectations.

A further positive impact of the Glenaras 8 pressure depletion is the potential for an improvement in the full field project encomiums due to lower development drilling capex.

“Recent results from the Glenaras pilot continue to provide significant encouragement for the unlocking of a material gas resource. It is anticipated that following the collection and review of new data and with all wells back online over the coming weeks, we will be well positioned for a measured expansion of operations and able to provide a clear road map of future project milestones,” Galilee reported.

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